Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Bad writing, courtesy of The Nation

Nothing dumbfounds like The Nation. In this week's onslaught of idiocy, The Nation interviews Castro - yipee.

The article is painfully awful. It actually reads like a bad blog entry by a moronic college freshman liberal arts major. That said, my favorite bit is the author's discussion of why Castro has opted to remain in power. The author's first suggestion is (insert drum roll here): "The quasi-sexual enchantment of power." Fortunately the author decides it is "more like" that Castro is committed to the "poetic image of world revolution, the uprising of the wretched of the earth." Sigh. As an aside, I wonder if Sauron wanted to One Ring because it made his feel powerful in a quasi-sexual way. Seriously though, what the hell is the quasi-sexual enchantment of power? How stupid.

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