Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Lord knows I'm not one to complain,* but I think UPS has developed a new technology that gauges how badly I want a package delivered and then delays delivery just to spite me. I mean, I had a package sent to me from California. It was accepted for delivery on the 23rd and then sat in Baldwin Park for 6 days. I've been to Baldwin Park, and the only possible reason for being in Baldwin Park is in order to get somewhere else. But my poor package just sat there. Then, in order to toy with me, UPS moved my package to Illinois. It has now been sitting 20 miles away from me for two days, and UPS estimates that they will be able to deliver it in another two days. I could have walked up and gotten the package myself in that amount of time.

* Not true, I love to complain and do so freely for the benefit of any within ear shot.

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