Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Carol for President!

Guess who I just saw in the lobby of Regents Park? Carol Moseley Braun! No kidding! You would think that she'd be in Iowa, but according to her campaign schedule she is supposed to be in New York tomorrow and has no scheduled events today - so maybe she stopped in for the night. Carol (we're on a first name basis) asked the cashier if she could pay with a hundred dollar bill since she needed change for her trip to New York tomorrow (which fits with her aforecited schedule). I waited around outside to look at her some more, and I'm sure it's her. Neat! I think she knew I was waiting to look at her though. Uncomfortable!

Weird though that she didn't have a possy of some sort. Shouldn't presidential candidates have possies? I saw Jessie Jackson in a posh Century City hotel a few months ago, and he had a large entourage in tow. But I digress.

I was thinking I could ask for her autograph, but I only had books with me. Those books happened to be Posner's Antitrust and Easterbrook / Fischel's Economic Analysis of Corporate law. I didn't think she would want to sign those.

Anyway, it wasn't a particularly meaningful experience, except that I can now attest to the fact that she has a very nice smile!

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