Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Great Star Trek: TNG Scene

I know to some readers there's no such thing as a great Star Trek scene... but those readers are idiots. Normally I say that things like this would be a matter of taste and preference. But if you don't like The Next Generation, well, you are wrong. Saying "I don't like The Next Generation" is like saying "1+1=3" - it's just not right. Everyone likes it. By definition.

Anyway, a recent episode, "The Defector" was based around a Romulan defector who comes to the Enterprise to warn that the Romulans are amassing a fleet to invade Federation Space. I went back and typed this out, just so you'd get a better sense... It's still missing the really cool music and the whole context of Henry V, but still. Maybe you can imagine how good it is. Picard, after much soul-searching, goes into the Neutral Zone to see if the Romulans really are planning an invasion. They don't see anything, but then all of a sudden two Romulan ships de-cloak around the Enterprise. The Enterprise, out-gunned, appears lost. The bad Romulan (Captain Tomalok) tells Picard to surrender so he can dissect the Enterprise and torture the Romulan defector on board.

Picard: Do you seriously expect me to accept those terms?
Romulan: No Captain Picard... I expect you won't. You have thirty seconds to decide.
Picard: I do not require one, Tomalok.
Romulan: I urge you Captain Picard, surrender. Consider the men and women you would lead into a lost cause.
Picard: If the cause is just and honorable, they are prepared to give their lives. Are you prepared to die today Tomalok?
Romulan: I expected more from you than an idle threat Picard.
Picard: Then you shall have it. . . .
[Klingon warships de-cloak around the Romulan vessel.]
Picard: What shall it be, Tomalok?
Romulan: You will still not survive our assault.
Picard: You will not survive ours. Shall we die together?
Romulan: I look forward to our next meeting, Captain.

Well, it's hard to convey the full coolness of the scene with words. But it's a great, fantastic scene. Also, the backdrop for the episode involves Data learning to perform the Henry V scene where the king talks with his men on the eve of battle (the king is "but a man"). Great context.

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