Wednesday, February 25, 2004

One view of the Constitution

Not surprisingly, San Francisco's mayor has an interesting set of theories regarding rights and the Constitution.

Some choice quotes:

"I can't believe people of good conscience, from any ideological perspective, can honestly say that the Constitution should be used to take rights away from people when the Constitution was conceived to advance the rights of people in this country." [I did not know that was the original purpose of the Constitution. Fascinating. Someone should let the "three fifths of all other Persons" people in on that.]

"It's fundamentally wrong on principle, and we've got to have the courage to stand up and say enough, stop." [I'm curious which principle he's referring to...]

My favorite quote is from an ACLU representative: "The Constitution has ... been amended ... usually to expand people's rights. Only one time has it been amended to limit rights -- Prohibition -- and you can see how well that turned out." [What powerful logic. What else is there to say?]

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