Tuesday, February 03, 2004

TiVo tracking....

I didn't know that TiVo tracked what people watch and rewind and such, but according to this article they do. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), the Janet Jackson moment is the most rewound moment ever.

"TiVo said it used its technology to measure audience behavior among 20,000 users during the Super Bowl. The exercise revealed a 180 percent spike in viewership at the time of the -- as Timberlake refers to it -- 'wardrobe malfunction.'

"TiVo's top two commercials, based on user behavior, are both from Bud Light: a romantic sleigh ride interrupted by a flatulent horse and a sharp-toothed dog demonstrating his unusual way of scoring a beer for his master."

As a TiVo owner (further, as an owner who tends to read the "fine print"), I had no idea that they tracked viewing habits... maybe there are some people who signed up to be tracked. Anyway, I would love to see all the information they track.

Also, as a side note, Brian is out of commission now - well, technically his computer is. But in the next couple of days expect a surprise guest-blogger and lots of new content.

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