Tuesday, March 09, 2004

And back at ya...

I don't think Tom gets this at all right, I'm sorry to say.

Tom may have a point if there are lots of other people in the angry mobs (or in general) that believe in loving everyone. In that case, the Jews in the crowd that love Jesus may actually not be Christian in any sense.

Tom equates those who bear Jesus no ill will (potentially lots of Jews) and think he is being treated unfairly (potentially lots of Jews), with those who love him (very, very few Jews, except, by Tom's account those that follow the Gospel). If there were people in the crowd pictured who were part of this middle ground, that would be fine, and it would do a lot to combat accusations of antisemetic undertones. Unfortunately, Marsten clearly states that there are two groups of Jews: Those that love Jesus and those that wanted him dead.

Tom wants to expand the category of people who love Jesus to include a diverse crowed... but he does so by relying on Jesus's teachings, or assuming that Jews would rely on his teachings. Considering that the only people who would follow Jesus's gospel are... Christians (therefore not Jews), this doesn't really get us anywhere (or the "where" it gets us is completely tautological).

I, for example, don't love my neighbor as myself. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to see someone brutally tortured to death. So I don't fit in either of Marsten's categories, and Tom's explanation doesn't help me to fit in either... unless, of course, I believe in Christ's teachings, in which case I would love Christ, as my neighbor. Then, of course, I'm not really Jewish anymore, since I've adopted an alien set of morals. Again, the Gibson's / Marsten's dichotomy stands. Unfortunate, but true.

Also, Rush sucks.

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