Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Dismay at CNN

Sometimes I read articles from CNN and I shake my head (left to right, not up and down) and sigh. This is one of those articles. I'm not surprised to see how CNN is reporting the news of Israel's missile attack on a known terrorist and murdered--I'd be much more surprised if the news and commentary was thoughtful and neutral.

The above article is entitled "Iraqis express outrage at Hamas leader's killing." You would think, based on that title, that, perhaps, many (or all) Iraqis were expressing outrage at the "killing" (Note: at least they refer to it as a killing, rather than a murder). But reading on, we find that the "Anger welled up in parts of the 'Sunni Triangle,' a region north and west of Baghdad that's a hotbed of anti-U.S. sentiment." That alone, you might think, would be reason to discount the protest as not emblematic of all Iraqis.

CNN goes on to say that "About 1,000 people gathered to protest the Israeli action at a government center in Ramadi." Holy crap! 1,000 people! Now this line is just great (not because it's biased, but more because it's just funny): "It was peaceful until someone tried to fire a rocket-propelled grenade and another person ran a truck into the center's gate, a U.S. military source said." Oh. Well, at least it was peaceful at the beginning. I'm really not surprised that rocket-propelled-grenade-launching-protestors are the ones supporting Hamas...

The article then states that "The international community also condemned Israel's attack." I love how that "also" works to legitimate the views of 1,000 violent protestors.

And then, "Israel's most important ally, the United States, criticized the move as a hindrance to peace but stopped short of condemning it." This is so stupid, it hardly bears explication.

Personally, I couldn't agree with this post by Oliver Kamm any more. Kamm makes a good point about Yassin's wheelchair: "What moral relevance the Foreign Secretary imagines inheres in being old and infirm is beyond my training in casuistry to identify." (Note: CNN couldn't pass up the wheelchair point either: "Israel killed Yassin in a missile strike Monday as the founder of Hamas left a Gaza mosque in his wheelchair.")

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. None of the stuff in the article is over-the-top... but every now and then it's good and healthy for everyone--both sides of the political spectrum--to point out how idiotic CNN is.

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