Sunday, March 28, 2004

Indian tikka and cancer

From the If It Tastes Good It Must be Bad Department, (courtesy of Butter Pig) the Guardian reports here that the dye used in tikka masala -- at least the British version -- contains potential carcinogens. Fortunately, it appears from the article that the alleged carcinogen is found in a dye banned in the US (and Norway), so we're safe on that count. However, other dyes used in tikka can cause a litany of bad stuff, ranging from purple skin splotches to hyperactivity in children. I had no idea dyes were so dangerous (but maybe they don't call them "dye" for nothing), but then I love the color of tikka masala, so it's almost a wash :-)

This may help explain why my Indian cooking comes out looking bland in comparison to the real thing. Unfortunately, I don't think this helps me understand why my Indian cooking tastes bad. . .

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