Friday, April 16, 2004

Career choices

This, err, umm, interesting article about Jenna Jameson is in today's Times:

"On this day, Ms. Jameson had on a modest blue cashmere Louis Vuitton sweater, jeans and pink patent leather Louis Vuitton boots, along with as a 9 1/2-carat diamond wedding ring and a 13-carat canary diamond from her husband. She looked like any other affluent Scottsdale homemaker, except that her surgically enhanced 32 double-D breasts seem disproportionate to her 110-pound, 5-foot-7 frame. (Her chin implant, on the other hand, is nearly imperceptible.)"

The article notes that since she met her current husband (about five years ago), she has only had sex with him and other women in her films. I can't decide whether that statement is funny or admirable, or maybe both.

Her father also makes an interesting point: "'You have two choices when one of your offspring takes a nonsocially acceptable job...You can either completely divorce yourself from them, or support them. I chose the latter.'"

That sounds like good fathering to me. I think that's advice even Dr. Laura would approve.

He comments also that, "Everybody has sex... The only difference is that Jenna lets you watch and makes a lot of money." I guess that's a fair point, right? Maybe not... I mean sure that the only difference, but it's a substantial difference!

On the other hand, I guess being in the porn biz entails serious risk as well, so maybe it's not for me.

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