Thursday, April 08, 2004

"Front-Runner's Fall"

An interesting article from the Atlantic Monthly, "The Front-Runner's Fall" about Dean's campaign. I tend to find behind-the-scenes articles interesting... Reading between the lines there's an odd mentality, not unique to the Dean campaign, but I think endemic in politics generally. The author writes, "exhausted and unbriefed, Dean was forced to admit, under fire from Al Sharpton, that he had never hired an African-American to a cabinet post during his time as the governor of Vermont." Personally, I think that's an odd way to convey what happened. I'm sure Dean was tired, and it may be that Sharpton was going at him, but even so -- the end result was that Dean made a truthful statement (gasp!). I'm curious what being exhausted has to do with it... and I don't understand how briefing Dean would have changed his truthful answer (although I suppose he could have pointed out that his cabinet "looked like" Vermont). Anyway, I think the article displays an interesting mentality -- worth a read.

Also, check out P.J. O'Rourke's article about John Kerry, available here. (Courtesy of Ex Nihilo. Also, Will points out that P.J. has a new book coming out!)

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