Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Once Again, The Problem Arises: What To Take?

Despite just finishing my finals 3 days ago, I can't help but consider what to take next. As a 3L, this is it. No more chances. Right now, I'm thinking about Evidence, Tax, English Legal History, and Corporate Fraud. I'm worried I shouldn't be taking any of these classes, but instead expanding my horizons somehow. Can I really be a lawyer and not no anything about wills and trusts? Graduate without ever taking a Con Law course on Equal Protection? Why did I take that Class Action seminar 2L year instead of taking advantage of these offerings last year? For all the first and second years out there: consider these things now. Create a plan. Don't be like me, turning down offers to do wills left and right, doing so on the basis of gender, and not comprehending the consequences.