Monday, June 13, 2011

8 Blog Facts, Courtesy of Google Analytics

1. Twice as many visitors use Chrome to visit this blog than any other browser.

2. People spend about 90 seconds on the site.

3. Android and iPad are tied for the most popular mobile means of visiting the site.

4. 80% of visitors use Windows.

5. There are a decent number of French, Russian, and Spanish language visitors.

6. Traffic comes almost equally from my ad and organic search traffic. Clearly the ad is useful!

7. Besides "that's news to me," "bankruptcy" and "google lawyer" are popular search terms that lead one here.

8. That being said, sometimes weirder stuff leads to traffic. Like "91 toyota pickup 38s behemoth" and "any narrative skit for a poor wretched man with biblical lessons to draw as a lost son who finally comes home".



Bradley said...

Using analytics to define where your major traffic comes from is an effective way to gauge what technique you'd put better attention to.

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MisYahd said...
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ganawil said...

This is amazing. I didn't know that you can know whether they use apple mac or windows with just your analytics.

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Alexis Preatori said...

"People spend about 90 seconds on the site." This can be even less than 30 seconds with crappy content.
You can also use free SEO tools online.