Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Registration/Judgment Day

Today is the first day of registration at Chicago. Unlike past years, I now must choose my classes very carefully. This is it. If I don't take tax now, I guarantee I will never know anything about tax for the rest of my life. Consequently, I might innocently avoid some taxes, and innocently fail to disclose other taxable income, and might innocently be sent to straight to federal prison. If I ignore Criminal Procedure, I can kiss being a U.S. Attorney goodbye. And if Admiralty law and Patents continue to conflict on my schedule, my dreams of patenting an indestructible dock, and thus making Levmore's "the rule doesn't matter" theory of Ploof and Vincent moot, will be shattered (like the dock). If I don't take Judge Posner or Judge Easterbrook for something, they'll never know me, and thus won't recommend me to fill in their vacant seat on the 7th Circuit. And if I don't take a class with That Kid Who Is Going to Be President (whoever that may be), then I won't become his or her best friend and thus The Kid won't listen to the judges' recommendations anyway. Not that my history of tax evasion didn't already seal the deal.

The point being: registration isn't just about your classes, it's about your future.

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