Thursday, January 01, 2004

Blocks: Capturing the Spirit of 1776, With a Different Number

New York Times

The article discusses the trickiness of achieving the 1,776 foot height of the Freedom Tower. Quote:

"And all of the effort presumes that 1776 is synonymous with freedom to begin with, when it could be argued that it marks the creation of a slaveholding nation."

Ugh. It's like a Columbia freshman wrote it. Maybe we should move the Declaration of Independence from its place of reverence at the National Archives, and turn it into napkins. After all, under the idea the Times gives a nod to, it's an infamous document, due little more respect than a KKK charter.

I'm glad the NY Times thinks this view is worthy of note. I just wish they would have been more exhaustive and talked about how, for Al Qaeda, the tower wouldn't symbolize freedom, but modern American oppression. They could then note that some groups feel the tower shouldn't stand at all. Neither should our nation.

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