Monday, January 26, 2004

Clark Contrasts Humble Roots with Yale-Educated Rivals

Associated Press

I just realized that Bush, Kerry, Dean, and Lieberman all went to Yale for undergrad. Here are their years of attendance (I'm guessing based upon their graduation year):

Lieberman 1960-1964

Kerry 1962-1966

Bush 1964-1968

Dean 1967-1971

You know what this means, right? If you were at Yale in 1964, you had at least three future presidential candidates (and one future president) going to school with you. This also means that Bush and Dean were both there from 1967-68. I wonder if any of these guys ever took a class together. I know that both Kerry and Bush were members of Skull and Bones (see inevitable Dawson's Creek guy conspiracy movie here), but Bush didn't become a member until his senior year (1968), so their paths may not have crossed there.

Anyway, I'm certain either Claremont or Chicago will yield me some presidential classmates. Or at least one: co-blogger Ben. Some day in the future, the Jane Austin loving, hockey hating, Food Network watching, yet not homosexual men (otherwise known as "independents") of the world will unite, and they'll be looking for leadership. Or at least someone to talk to.

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