Monday, January 19, 2004

Kucinich's New Strategy

Since I'm the leading (only?) online source for news on Kucinich, I feel it's my duty to report on him in Iowa. From his personal life to his common sense political ideas, I've been with Kucinich from the beginning.

But now things might be coming to an end. Kucinich wants his people to vote for Edwards in the unlikely event he can't garner 15 percent (the threshold number to maintain a viable voting group) of the vote in a given caucus. As National Review's Stanley Kurtz puts it:

"I find this incredible. But that’s because I find the Kucinich candidacy incredible to begin with. I suppose Kucinich is telling his supporters to go to Edwards in hopes of preventing them from going to Dean, their natural second choice. This does make sense if Kucinich is trying to prevent Dean from winning, thus taking command of the left and effectively ending Kucinich’s candidacy. But the Kucinich candidacy doesn’t make sense in the first place."

Well, it doesn't make sense to The Establishment, Stanley. I'm sure this would make perfect sense if you were high, like all of Kucinich's supporters. Next thing you know, Kurtz will claim The Rocky Horror Picture Show doesn't make any sense either.

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