Sunday, January 04, 2004

Death With Dignity, Or Door to Abuse?: Popular Dutch Euthanasia Law Continues to Draw Condemnation

Washington Post

"For euthanasia to be legally conducted, the doctor must determine that the patient's suffering is what the law describes as 'unbearable' and 'lasting,' with no prospect of improvement. The doctor must give all 'due care' beforehand, and determine, in consultation with the patient, that 'there is no reasonable alternative.'

Children aged 12 to 16 need their parents' consent, and youths aged 16 to 18 must involve their parents in the decision but do not need parental approval. There is no requirement that the patient's condition be terminal, or that the suffering be physical."

Always good to know there's an safe, legal recourse for 16-year-olds having a really bad week.

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