Saturday, January 17, 2004

Cass-piracy Theories

So Ben has now outed us - we work on the top-secret Chicago Judges Project. It's so secret, it has a website without our names mentioned anywhere.

So anyway, I'm sure all of you are wondering, how does Cass Sunstein do it? He's the most cited legal scholar in the nation, he writes a book a week, he runs this project, and he's a nice, funny guy. Well, everyone has a theory on how he pulls it off (yes, even you, even if you've never heard of him). Here's mine:

Elves. Or as Cass likes to call it, "outsourcing." They work behind the ceiling-high piles of stuff in his office. With few other opportunities for gainful employment in life, they're perfectly content to write on the nondelegation doctrine, moral heuristics, and the legal rights of gorillas. I know, I know, you should've guessed. Why would a famous professor follow up a book on behavioral economics with an unauthorized biography of Verne Troyer? It all makes sense now, doesn it. So go to sleep. I should've a long time ago, clearly.

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