Monday, December 22, 2003

Judges Reconsider Teasing Case: Partial victory for Federal Way child

My hometown classmates' penchant for cruelty is making national news. It's too bad Federal Way's publicity is always negative, but then again, most publicity is negative. (from How Appealing)

And Seatte is also making news for its death penalty policy - the Green River killer gets life while others, who've killed far less, get death. I do feel the Green River killer situation provides odd incentives for murders - kill enough people, and we'll trade away death for information on where the victims are buried. But my understanding was that the Seattle prosecutors were willing to pursue the death penalty, but the victims' families generally didn't want it. Maybe victims' preferences shouldn't matter, for the sake of consistency, especially when there are so many victims that their families cannot reach a consensus on death.

UPDATE: More on the teasing case from Overlawyered (I must note how weird it is to see my hometown in national headlines, even if it is just blog headlines).

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