Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Malvo Is Spared Death Penalty

Washington Post

The article notes he'll likely face death penalty trials a few more times, which is good. I was watching Fox News as the verdict came out. When a panelist noted that Malvo would still face future trials with the possibility of death, this dumb Fox newsanchor lady was like, "isn't that double jeopardy?" The panelist had to calmly explain to her that when you kill multiple people, you can be tried for murder for each death. Apparently the newsanchor thought that once you've gone through one murder trial, you get a free pass for all other murders. Clearly, the newsanchor lady attended the Ashley Judd Double Jeopardy school of law (some of which was filmed in Washington, by the way). That law school is currently unaccredited, I understand.

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