Sunday, December 07, 2003

For Hire in Seattle: A Rebel in Rhinestones - NY Times

Costumed cabbies are all the rage, though I've never seen one. But check this out:

"But last spring, Cab Elvis was busted. He was stopped by a taxi inspector, caught wearing a red Elvis jumpsuit with a red cape and cited for violating Seattle's dress code for cabdrivers. He was fined $60 — $30 for being out of compliance on the pants and $30 for being out of compliance on the shirt. Or, as Mr. Groh's subsequent lawsuit against the city states, 'That is, David Groh was cited for impersonating Elvis while driving a taxicab.'"

Seattle has a dress code for cabbies beyond "you must wear clothes?" Knowing state constitutions, the dress code is probably in the preamble.

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