Friday, December 05, 2003

Kucinich on Steel Tariffs - Kucinich 2004


"Clearly the tariffs are needed and are effective. But the President has abandoned the sovereignty required to maintain them. A basic pre-requisite for self-governance requires that a nation be free to enact policies that address its needs and provide benefits for its people. But as long as the World Trade Organization determines United States trade policy, we are not a sovereign nation. As exhibited by the President's decision on tariffs, our trade policy is now limited by unelected bureaucrats in Geneva, Switzerland."

Now, from another part of the Kucinich website:

"The United States must affirm principles of sustainability as well as recognize and promote international cooperation and agreements. We must affirm and ratify treaties beginning with:

The Kyoto Treaty on Global Climate Change.
The Biodiversity Treaty.
The Forest Protection Treaty.
The Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.
The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
The Landmine Ban Treaty.
The Biological Weapons Convention.
The Chemical Weapons Convention.
The International Criminal Court."

WTO takes away our sovereignty but, say, the International Criminal Court keeps it?

I'm looking for a coherent policy here, and I think I see it: international bodies are to be obeyed when they support whatever the democratic positions are that day, but ignored when they don't. Sounds a little unilateralist, doesn't it?

I know I pick on Kucinich a lot, but it's just so easy.

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