Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Reaction to Iraq Exclusion: Anger, Amazement - CNN

Countries that don't support the war in Iraq can't get rebuilding contracts.

I liken this to class actions. You opt-out of the class, you don't get the big settlement. That's the price you pay for not taking the risk of going to trial. It's not pettiness, it's fairness.

Some people would just say, "to the victors go the spoils." But that's less fun.

UPDATE: My example is inaccurate - we're actually nicer than that. You can join the class after-the-fact and still get the settlement (that is, if you join the coalition now, you can bid for the contracts). For other countries to critize this deal, they must think bidding on reconstruction contracts is a fundamental right or something. I know France has more entitlements than the Rich Girls, but c'mon.

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