Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Thurmond Kin Admits Payments: Nephew Acknowledges His Role as 'Pass-Through' to Mixed-Race Daughter

Washington Post

The way Strom's family is spinning this is pretty sickening, if you ask me. They talk of the love between Strom and the child, and the mutual respect that led to her keeping quiet. The illegitimate child angle isn't good enough reason to keep it hush-hush - Strom's public persona was hardly pure. I think the reason they kept it quiet for so long was simply because she's half-black. I think the damage from that angle was too politically damaging (or perhaps simply too personally embarrassing) for Strom to live up to. Most of the time, political cover-ups are par-for-the-course. Here, it reeks of cowardice and bigotry to me.

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