Friday, December 05, 2003

Well, the new Harry Potter trailer is out.

I not sure what I think of Garry Oldman as Sirius Black. I had always thought of Black as being much bigger and darker. Check it out for yourself.

My feeling is that Alfonso Cuaron is a vast improvement over Chris Columbus (but who wouldn't be?). Even in this relatively early trailer it's possible to see some imagination - some attempt at capturing the spirit of the book. For example, the shot of the dementor's fingers creeping over the window sill feels more like how I would have imagined it, rather than merely a transcription the words from the page onto the screen. Not sure that makes sense - but perhaps this installment will be better than the dry, uninspired (but safe) drek Columbus turned out. Perhaps most exciting, it appears that the camera will finally move during shots! Columbus, apparently, was highly allergic to dynamic camera shots.

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