Saturday, November 22, 2003

Steel shower halts Taipei building - BBC

This building has a history of problems. It's completion will be two years late, a crane fell off of it and killed 4 people, and now stuff falls from it and hits a school.

The article mentions that "the landmark overtakes Kuala Lumpur's 452-metre Petronas towers, previously regarded as the world's tallest building."

I take issue with that, as does this site. The site notes in its way-cool graphic that "Petronas Towers are not included because we do not recognize them as ever being the worlds tallest building."

The Sears Tower is taller. This whole "antennas don't count unless they're useless" (as is the case with Petronas) stuff is stupid. Check out this graphic and see a Petronas/Sears Tower comparison yourself. The Sears Tower is still king in my book.

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