Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Marin Joins GOP Field Hoping to Unseat Sen. Boxer: The ex-U.S. treasurer announces her candidacy in Huntington Park, where she served on the City Council. She stresses her immigrant roots, says she is a political outsider - LA Times

I'm not seeing any strong candidates out there, and now that Dreier's not running, I'm not sure we will.

Marin's only real experience is being on a small town city council. That's a bit of a far cry from a U.S. Senator. At least Arnold was involved in alot of state-wide issues. I imagine her areas of expertise are: small parades, fixing stop signs, and signing her name (her only job as U.S. Treasurer). Now, Treasury Secretary, that'll get you somewhere.

Seriously, I bet her campaign strategists are all thinking: how long can we milk this U.S. Treasurer post until people realize that it's not Secretary of the Treasury? Somewhere between "a long time" and "forever," I'd wager.

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