Wednesday, December 03, 2003

No Smoking, and Don't Try Putting It Out - NY Times

You get a ticket for having an ashtray in New York if you're a business. Quote:

"It doesn't matter if it is used as a decoration, or to hold paper clips or M & M's. No ashtrays are allowed, period."

Now let me ask you this: does something become an ashtray when cigarettes are put in it? Or must the object resemble the Platonic form of an ashtray? If it's the former, then if you put a cigarette out on your enemy's leg while in a business, he should be kicked out for serving as your ashtray. And if it's the latter, then the potential for loopholes is endless. (from Overlawyered)

UPDATE: My birthplace, Tacoma, is now looking to do the same thing.

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