Monday, May 03, 2004

Book review #2

In the misspent days of my actual-youth, I was quite a fan of Legos While I tended to make only relatively minor modification to sets (generally to make them more militaristic (read into that what you will)), the occasional odd building project was not out of my repertoire. And, then, the Internet. Lugnut! All sorts of bizarre and fascinating creations! But the best of these is The Brick Testament, Brendan Powell Smith's Lego depicitions of a number of scenes from the Bible. This eventually lead to a book, The Brick Testament: Stories from the Book of Genesis, 175 pages of illustrations of stories taken from the Book of Genesis. There's some overlap with the Genesis stories on the website, but there are also a number of stories in the book that aren't on the website, and vice versa. As a pure stand-alone book, I'm not sure I'd pay the $14.95 sticker or even the $10.47 Amazon price; as an alternative to a website tipjar, though, it's a great purchase, and I look forward to Story of Christmas: Brick Testament, coming out in December.

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