Saturday, May 22, 2004

SNL Season Review

Check it out here. Just keep scrolling. I particularly like some of the quotes from this season. Here are a few choice ones:

10.11.03 -- Justin Timberlake as Jessica Simpson: "If I'm so retarded, how come my driver's license says 'functionally retarded'?"

10.18.03 -- Will Forte as Gary the speedreader: (after reading the Bible) "Pooooor Jesus..."

12.13.03 -- Chris Parnell as Joe Lieberman: "If you're looking for someone who can energize the party, Joe Lieberman is that cat. I am a hardcore, hip-hop, rock and roll candidate. I bring in the noise, and provided that it is fiscally responsible, I shall bring in the funk as well. And that, my fellow Americans, is fo' shizzle."

1.17.04 -- Chris Parnell as Simon Cowell: "Your singing is wretched and your outfit is ridiculous - I can see your vagina."
Finesse Mitchell as Kelis: “That’s called my stage presence!"

2.7.04 -- Announcer: "You're watching Bravo, the gay stuff and poker network."

2.14.04 -- Tina Fey: "Cartoon character Cathy finally got engaged to her boyfriend in today's Valentine edition of her strip. Meanwhile, Marcie and Peppermint Patty are moving to Massachusetts."

2.21.04 -- Jimmy Fallon: "This week, Georgia's board of education approved the plan that allows teachers to keep using the word 'evolution' when teaching biology. Though as a compromise, dinosaurs are now called Jesus Horses."

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