Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Souterfest 2004

Continuing my unprecedented chain of Souterblogging, here's an AP article entitled "Souther still a mystery after 14 years."

What I found interesting was the obligatory retirement rumor, supplied this time by David Garrow, who we all know is never one to overreact. Quote:

"Garrow said that because Souter dislikes Washington, computers and attention, a retirement in the next year is possible even though the second-youngest justice is in good health. 'This is not someone who is going to die in Washington, D.C.,' Garrow said."

I had no idea New Hampshire was totally devoid of computers. And, as the article notes elsewhere, Souter may very well die in D.C., given his statement that "the day you see a camera come into our courtroom it's going to roll over my dead body." Just thought I'd clear that up.

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