Friday, November 14, 2003

Chicago Law Extracurriculars

My Trademarks professor was in the news, but not for law or economics. From a Times Union article on expensive suits (courtesy of Ben):

Many consumers simply don't know about master tailors, who from a bolt of cloth can cut the fabric and hand-stitch a suit to the precise measurements of its purchaser. But it might not matter if they did. No matter how well made or good-looking it is, who ever heard of a Der Torossian? A Mazza?

After all, the same money can buy an Armani. William Landes, a University of Chicago law professor who wears only Armani suits, says: ''You get a certain amount of pleasure from knowing you are wearing such an expensive and distinctive suit.''

Also in the news: Tom Levinson, who sits behind me in Trademarks. Read his book.

UPDATE: I don't know what much of this means, but I do understand this part:

Daniel R. Fischel, our Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer: $10.0 million non-compete payment;

Daniel R. Fischel is this fellow. On his CV it says Nextera is "consulting experience." You'll see this kind of thing on a lot of law professors' resumes. I don't think they all pull in 10 mil on a given day though. Now that's what I call law and economics!

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