Friday, November 14, 2003

Things I want: I've currently got quite a stockpile. For Gamecube, I want Prince of Persia, SSX3, and Mario Kart. For PC, I want Call of Duty and Max Payne 2. For DVD, I want Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Two Towers Box Set, as well as Pearl Jam, Tenacious D, and Coldplay's live sets. I need this for my MIDI keyboard. I need a bed, but that's in the works. And of course, I always want this.

UPDATE: How could I forget my bass? It's shoulder strap can't attach because the screw to hook it on fell out, the plug has a short that makes horrible noises, and the humbucker switch fell into the body. How rock n' roll is that? Still, it's not rock n' roll to break entirely, so it needs fixing (note this is NOT replacing, blasphemer!). My other instruments are fine though, thanks for asking.

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