Wednesday, February 18, 2004

13.5.1 Strikes Back!

NCAA bylaw 13.5.1 allows schools to entertain a prospect "at a scale comparable to that of normal student life." Apparently, Colorado-Boulder normal student life includes strippers and lots of sex. The simple objection to this is that 13.5.1 only applies to "the institution." Of course, the football recruiting coordinator is undoubtedly an agent of "the institution," and using your cell phone to call to get strippers for "young and very athletic men", which you are not, just kinda might be a recruiting violation.

One other thing from the story that's of interest. In the story, Chad Brown noted he had a 4-page checklist of what he was looking for from schools. Compare this to Willie Williams' published repots. Miami over FSU based on the October rain game, Miami over FSU based on the Orange Bowl, FSU dead even after the private jet and the lobster tails, Miami up again after head coach Coker picks him up in an Escalade. Perhaps there was more substance than came across in my mind, but my supposition would be that more recruits make their decision based on feel and rapport than a homo economicus footballus would.

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