Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Great Airport Outlet Search

Despite the emergence of the internet age, Midway Airport in Chicago seems to think that outlets are only for vacuums. This creates many headaches for regular travelers like me, who don't feel like being cut off from the world for 4 hours every weekend. Thus, I despirately circle the area around my gate, scanning for any post, heater, or piece of carpet that has an outlet. But when I see one, what a rush. After a short, girlish scream and some cuddling, I plug in and get to work (as I'm doing now). Some airports, like the glorious Harsfield-Jackson, have sections of the airport dedicated to computer use - for free! But Midway hasn't caught on to the whole computer thing. I hope they'll figure it out soon. But they probably won't, I realize. A man can dream, though.

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