Saturday, February 14, 2004

College Football and the Law

No, Maurice Clarett is not the only person not playing college football to have some current legal issues. Willie Williams was once merely star linebacker Miami (FL) recruit, and teller of a number of enjoyable recruiting tales (see Florida State, Auburn, Miami, Florida, but also see NCAA bylaw 13.5.1 (hat tip to SI's Mike Fish)). Alas, now he is under more scrutiny for what his Florida report didn't include, like getting drunk and setting off fire extinguishers at 4 A.M. Of course, these are minor offenses, just like smashing a window and taking $3800 worth of stereo equipment, not that such a thing would prevent someone like Paul Moore from regarding Williams as presidential material. After all, if we've had a perjurer, why not a thief?

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