Saturday, February 07, 2004

Another Reader Challenge: Most Extensive Education

So I was checking around Lexis when I ran across this law review article: Linz Audain, Critical Cultural Law and Economics, the Culture of Deindividualization, the Paradox of Blackness, 70 Ind L J 709 (1995). Quite a title, I know. I can find a million more that are just like it - just replace words like "culture" with "dependency" or "victimhood," make up your own word signifying that someone is oppressed, and add some kind of child-like question at the end and you have yourself a family law article. For example, my article would be called Critical Legal Deconstruction of Paternalism, the Dependency of Ecclesiastical and Rabbinical Law, and the Victimization of Transgendered Marginorities in Adoption: Why do a priest, a rabbi, and daddy hate me?

Actually, I didn't make up "Marginorities"; it's a term some of these writers actually use. It's way funnier than anything I could come up with.

But that's not my point. My point is to flatter the author, actually. Check out his credentials:

Associate Professor of Law, Washington College of Law, The American University. M.D. Candidate, Howard University; Ph.D., Duke University; J.D., The University of Chicago; M.S.M., Florida International University; M.B.A./M.A., University of Miami; B.A., Southern College.

How many degrees is that? Seven, including a law degree, a PhD, and an MD, or "the trifecta." He's not a member of a profession; he's a member of every profession. He even went ahead an got an MBA, just to, you know, be practical. Plus he went to U of C Law, so I must give him props for that - with the Chicago Law 2x multiplier he's now up to fourteen degrees. But seriously, can anyone beat this?

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