Wednesday, February 11, 2004

College-Sponsored Student Sex Magazines

The Corner noted that Harvard is giving the initial go-ahead for "a student-run magazine that will feature nude pictures of Harvard undergraduates and articles about sexual issues at its meeting yesterday."

This magazine will be in the same vein as Squirm, Vassar's "magazine of smut and sensibility" that is "an intelligent and provocative exploration of sex and sexual pleaure." Apparently "pleaure" is some new kind of pleasure for those with speech impediments.

It's times like these when I feel the world may have passed me by. It's just incomprehensible to me why a school would want to sponsor this sort of publication. I know it's not just porn, but I'm sure that's the main attraction. Essentially, the school is condoning a magazine dedicated to arousing it's students (some of which surely aren't even 18 yet) sexually. I wouldn't want my tuition go to a publication like this. I think it's fine if these kids want to do this on their own - I'm sure there are lots of people dying to see "barely-legal college girls bearing it all" - but I don't think it should get a school's stamp of approval. To me, this is one of those common campus situations in which everyone is really, really liberal, and there's virtually no other voices to mediate the discussion. It's like when certain Ninth Circuit judges get on the same panel together - anything goes. Or so we at the Chicago Judges Project think!

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