Friday, February 20, 2004

Private Bush Meeting Gets Blogged

Washington Post

Rex Hammock of Rexblog met with the President yesterday and blogged about the experience from a cab immediately afterwards. Pretty cool. I've heard that the President is very effective in small groups (so long as the group doesn't consist of Tim Russert), and Rex confirms this.

I think it would be quite a treat if the President got rid of the Sunday radio address and blogged for about 10 minutes each day on his experiences instead. It would be a nice way to reach tens of millions of people in an informal manner while providing some insight on what the President does. And when I say blog, I don't mean a policy post once in a while from one of Scott McClellan's peons. I want the real thing.

Of course, the problem with blogging is that people will expect him to respond to breaking news, like the gay couples getting married in San Fran. His press people won't have that - they need time to craft responses. So maybe the angle on the project could be on what the President does, what he thinks about non-policy issues, etc. And of course, all posts would receive an examination before they're out the door. That's ok. I'd rather not see the President become the next Gregg Easterbrook.

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