Wednesday, February 04, 2004

20 (fake) Questions

If you haven't done so yet, check out Jeremy Blachman's parody of Howard Bashman's "20 Questions for an Appellate Judge." See Blachman here. See Bashman's real 20 Questions here. My favorites:

10. What is your view concerning whether the Ninth Circuit should be split into two or more circuits, and how do you respond to the reasons favoring a split that others have raised?

I fully support any opportunity my colleagues might have to move up in the pecking order. If splitting the ninth circuit, would allow some of those judges to be promoted to the eighth circuit, or even the seventh circuit, and open up a spot for me to be promoted to the ninth circuit, I am all in favor. I believe we've been too slow to promote those judges who everyone acknowledges are excellent to better and better circuits. My good friend on the Third Circuit should at least be on the Second Circuit, if not the First Circuit. I believe we should create the strongest bench we can, for when we go up against the Canadian judges in softball games.


13. How did you happen to become Judge Posner's close friend, what interests do you have in common with him, and how do you avoid letting the major disagreements the two of you have had over cases from becoming personal?

Judge Posner always pays for lunch. I wish he would work harder and write more books.

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