Monday, March 29, 2004

A Bohemian Mixer, Anyone?

Tonight I ran across Microsoft's home buying guide. You can enter your zip code and Microsoft will tell you what your neighborhood's make-up is, as well as what the typical resident is like. Apparently, Hyde Park is predominantly filled with "Bohemian Mixes." Sounds like a type of feline. Check out what we are:

"Bohemian Mix is America's Bohemia, a truly integrated mixture of executives, students, actors, and writers who live high-rises. This educated group is dominated by singles, and has the nation's second lowest index for children."

Other categories include "Young Influentials," "Inner Cities, ""Winner's Circle," "Kids & Cul-de-Sacs," "Blue Blood Estates," "Countryside Acres," and "Millionaire Estates." Ok, so those last two are from the board game Life, but you get the idea.

Now check out what Microsoft thinks we in Hyde Park are like:

Go to bars/nightclubs
Play billiards/pool
Do painting, drawing
Use an ATM card
Have a VISA card
Own a Mitsubishi
Drink bottled water
Own a Volkswagen
Buy $100+ jeans
Buy lots of film
Watch Seinfeld
Watch Star Trek-Voyager
Read Travel & Leisure
Read Self

This all gives me a vaguely sick feeling. Still, I'd better get that Mitsubishi . . .

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