Sunday, March 14, 2004

Link Fest 2004 - Wacky Washington (State) Law Stuff

Rick Hansen's Election Law Blog reported on this Ninth Circuit case involving the disenfranchisement of felons in Washington. The majority struck the law down because "disparities in the felon conviction rates of certain minority groups in relation to their presence in the general population lead to a disparity in the rate of disenfranchisement." Noted video game reviewer Judge Kozinski led the dissenters. It seems to me the best answer to this problem is to not send any minorities to jail at all. That way you can be sure race-neutral punishments won't have a disparate impact on them. (from How Appealing)

The Washington State Supreme Court isn't just known for drunks - it's also known for power lifters. (from How Appealing)

At least no one on the Washington Supreme Court is eligible for this distinction: "Worst Federal Judge in the West 1983," otherwise known as Washington federal district Judge Jack Tanner, or "Maximum Jack" to his friends. Read about him here. (from How Appealing)

Tanner reminds me of another 1983 winner: Georgia district judge Robert Elliott, or "Maximum Bob." See here, for example. Judge Elliott was so bad, he worked his way into my first year Civil Procedure casebook, in an opinion that begins "This case illustrates the mischief that results when a district court effectively abdicates its responsibility to manage a case . . ." Chusasama v Mazda Motor Corp, 123 F 3d 1353 (11th Cir 1997).

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