Friday, March 05, 2004

Of Note: Entertainment

For those of you who can't get enough of American Idol's William Hung, check this out.

And for more internet fun, try this game. It's penguin batting practice. Fun, if not macabre. It has Jonah Goldberg's full recommendation.

If you think penguin batting practice is in bad taste, check out this banned commercial for the N-Gage phone/gaming device. It includes classy lines like this: "This is where I left Kate, Lucy and Michelle begging for more" as the camera shows a remote mobile home. A winning commerical for a winning product.

TiVo sports good news this week – because it’s a wildly popular product that’s changing the face of TV entertainment, it’s only going to lose 12 million dollars this year, as opposed to the 32 million it lost last year. Go tech stocks!

Meanwhile, Wyoming is rich. You figure it out.

Recommended viewing: Album Covers on MTV 2. Some mediocre band covers the entire album of some good band, and yet it works. Even if the songs sound worse, it’s at least interesting to hear new interpretations.

Here’s the schedule for the only episode I could find: Dashboard Confessional does REM’s Automatic For The People. Pretty hard to mess up one of the best albums around if you can actually play. Dashboard Confessional humbly recognized, however, that the perfect versions of these songs are already out there. Still nice to hear them live, particularly the less popular tracks.

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