Wednesday, March 31, 2004


I've found teachers and my fellow students often say things that are amusing, even if only out of context. Here are some of the better quotes I heard in Winter Quarter:

Frank Easterbrook: "Maybe the chairman of the SEC would make a decision just so he could be invited to more of Katharine Graham's parties." An especially compelling reason for making a decision one way or the other, especially when you consider that Ms. Graham is dead. Sorry, Your Honor.
Also Frank: “You’ve got the 7th Circuit on one side and the 9th Circuit on the other side. What could be more simple? Our job here is not to use those easy cues.”

Randal Picker: “This is important, actually. So was my discussion of ‘Finding Nemo’.”
Picker: “Antitrust conspiracies are always held in smoke-filled rooms. That’s why antitrust conspirators don’t live very long.”
Ditto: “If I told you Landes and Posner did this in an article, how does that affect what you think about it?”
Same: “You live here. Everywhere you want to get to is there. Just like Hyde Park.”
Yep: “Isn’t Jesse Helms right? Isn’t that a good starting premise?”

Cass Sunstein: “Would it be acceptable for Congress were to say ‘We’re going out of business for a year, and appoint to the University of Chicago faculty the power to appoint laws for the next year?” Student's response: “I hope not.”
Cass: “I must confess I’m pondering over a statement by Britney Spears’ ex-husband. When asked if he would like to be married to her permanently, he said, ‘Yes, we’re just friends.’ I’m not sure if that’s profound.”

If you want the rest of them and didn't get the whole list, just ask.

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