Thursday, March 18, 2004

Claremont Professor Suspected of Staging Hate Crime

Associated Press

It really speaks for itself. I personally think this is a good development (see previous news here) in the larger scheme of things, if it turns out to be true. Now, instead of worrying about racist students, Claremont can tackle the real problem - crazy visiting assistant professors.

UPDATE: Here's the audio of the professor's speech at a rally after the "hate crime" incident.

If this whole hate crime is a hoax, this speech is really quite funny, particularly in light of the professor's current position that she "didn't want any of this from the beginning. This is so overshadowing the bigger problem on campus, which is that the administration has turned its head regularly on hate speech and hate crimes." In the speech, she self-aggrandizes, espouses her views on diversity, applauds the administration, and does it all with liberal smattering of obscenities. This is not the speech of a reluctant warrior. I think the professor herself put it best:

"...these acts aren’t ignorant. This isn’t the result of some covert thought. This was a well planned out act of terrorism."

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