Friday, April 16, 2004

5000 Hits

I know it's a modest amount for many sites, but quite a milestone for us. When I started this site in November of last year, I expected to get a hit or two a day, and only if my mom could figure out how to get here. Now we have 30-40 regular readers, and if Crescat, How Appealing, or Legal Theory Blog blesses us with a link (besides their much-appreciated permalinks), we can see 10 times that. Thanks to them.

Also, many thanks to Ex Nihilo, Digitus Impudicus, and Son of the Revolution for their permalinks.

Lastly, thanks to Ben, Tom, and Lauren for being great co-bloggers. It's been much more fun to do this since you guys signed on.

PS: What about the prize, you say? Here you go. Be sure to print it out.

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