Saturday, April 24, 2004

Frasier is Republican

Or at least this Opinionjournal interview with Kelsey Grammer makes it seem that way.

The other day, I was trying to figure out who the "out" Republicans in Hollywood are. Here are the ones I remember (note: some of these people are only rumored Republicans):

Ronald Reagan
Bruce Willis
Mel Gibson
Demi Moore
Sly Stallone
Dennis Miller
Clint Eastwood
Charlton Heston
Pat Sajak
Fred Thompson
Ben Stein
Kurt Russell
Bo Derek
Jaclyn Smith
Trey and Matt of South Park (found another article that says so; more here)
The Rock (Dwayne Johnston)
Ted Nugent
Jim Belushi
Dennis Hopper
Jane Russell
Chuck Norris

Some dead people:
Bob Hope
Jimmy Stewart
Frank Capra
George Burns
John Wayne

And, as a bonus, here's Carmen Kass, a model possibly running for an Estonian EU Parliament seat. If she does run, it will be under the "Res Publica" conservative party.

I'm sure I've left some people out, but probably not too many. Feel free to comment and add a suggestion.

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