Saturday, April 17, 2004

How I Spent Summer Vacation: At Getting-Into-College Camp

New York Times

"How far can the frenzy over college admissions go?

Far enough, apparently, to have high school students flocking to a brand-new kind of summer program — college admission prep camps.

No campfires. No hiking. Just hours a day of essay writing, SAT preparation, counseling, mock admission interviews and a potpourri of workshops and college visits, all intended to give high school students an edge on the admission process."

But a voice of reason interrupts:

"'This is just sick,' said Bruce Poch, the dean of admissions at Pomona College in California. 'I can't imagine how it's going to help, and it sounds like such a ridiculous waste of money that it distresses me that parents would be so obsessive-compulsive.'"

We're very proud of you, Bruce. Kids, read this (at least the David Brooks part).

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