Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Today's Journal

Make way, lawyer driving!
Today's Wall Street Journal, p. D2 (article here, chart not included), contains a chart showing vehicle accident rates by profession. At the top, unsurprisingly, is student (152 per 1,000), followed by medical doctor (109), lawyer (106), and architect (105). The other side of the list? Politician (76), pilot (75), fireman (67), and the champions of safety, farmer (43).

Building codes
According to this B1 story on converting old office buildings to apartments, it's mentioned that the New York City Building Code requires ventilation (apparently 27-752) and light (perhaps 27-735, same link, but it's not clear how difficult this is to comply with) for a room to be called a bedroom. Ah, government regulation. I mean, how do other cities possibly get light and ventilation into rooms with NYC's Building Code.

In the subheading of this B1 story, the capital of Colombia is referred to as "Bogata." They do, however, get the spelling correct in the article.

Local heroics
E-Pos and John Yoo have an op-ed attacking the "International" Court of "Justice" for its recent death penalty decision attacking the U.S. ("scare quotes" mine), and suggest the U.S. take its ball and go home before the ICJ tries to steal it again. Hey, I like to be flippant, what can I say.

OOPS: Here's the op-ed link. Alas, they didn't put it for free on OpinionJournal.

Aren't you (non-existent) glad I don't do this every day.

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